World of Warcraft Review

World of Warcraft also known as WOW has taken the world by storm. This online world combines myth and magic which evolve into epic battles and alliances that play out over time. The beautiful part about this game is that players from all around the world join together in a virtual realm. World of Warcraft is known as a MMORPG which is a, “Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game”. The reason for the Massively Multiplayer name is that thousands of gamers can interact simultaneously while playing on the same server.


WOW stems from the previous serious of Warcraft games which required strategic battle decisions while involving different species who possessed various skills and abilities. Warcraft gave birth to WOW. In the World of Warcraft, you are to custom select a hero with whom you will try to amass weapons, win quests and fight monsters all over the World of Warcraft. Though the most important parts of the game are the conquering of dungeons and raids with your group of hero’s. These are the times that you will earn the most experience and receive the most items. You must work together as a team in order to conquer anything in WOW.

There are many types of hero’s and each serves a much different purpose. Some are used as tanks that take the damage for the rest of the group because of their high amount of health and defense. Then there are healers which will hang back and come into the fight when they need to either distract a foe or heal a teammate. The last but certainly not least class are the damage dealers that are the ones that will try to kill the opponent after they have taken hits from other hero’s. Each hero plays their own role within the game based on their particular attributes.

Fighting in groups and teams are a major part of WOW. There are different ways for the group to engage in battle. Dungeon’s require a team of no more than 5 players while Raids will need more teammates to claim victory. Raids usually consist of anywhere from 10 to 25 hero’s and are much tougher then dungeons to complete victoriously. In WOW there is also the opportunity for open world, player vs. player encounters. These can happen anywhere and at any time and can be both 1v1 or larger. You can also engage in the Arena where opponents are pitted against one another to a last man standing fighting scenario. You are ranked by a competitive ladder based on your performance within the arena against the rest of the competition. We can’t forget about the battlegrounds where opposing forces join in battle for both simple and very complex battle missions.

World Of Warcraft Warrior

There are four realms to choose from when playing World of Warcraft. You can also customize your very own hero and choose its creation interface, race, and class. There is a plethora of choices to choose from so it’s best to make sure that if you have a team or group you are going to join. That you choose abilities and skills that will complement the group and not hold them back. If you already have too many tanks in your group, then you should become a healer to help protect the tanks so that they can continue to take damage while the damage dealers do their work.

Throughout WOW you goal is to amass experience while collecting rare and useful items throughout your conquests. You must vanquish the monsters and then stake your claim to victory. Chat with your groups while you take down dungeons and claim victory on the battlegrounds. Join a guild which unlike a group is a permanent commitment and make a bunch of new friends along the way.

In the game of WOW there is an ever changing story that allows you to make your very own mark within it. This game is constantly evolving and creating new parts to the seeming endless virtual reality world. I recommend this game to anyone that is looking for a challenge as well as a great time.

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