Video game prices alert

As a lot of you have seen during last days, we have setup a new functionality in Gocdkeys. It is the price alert you asked for a lot. Now you can set a price alert in any game from the video game price list that you are interested in buy, but don’t have the needed desire, money or time to buy it.

The alerts can be disabled from the same game price comparison page or if you receive an alert e-mail, it will be disabled automatically.

How does it works?

Lets resolve this question. To setup a price alert, access to the game you are interested and just click at “Create price alert”. Type the amount you might be interested in and click on “Create price alert now”. From now, you will receive a notification by e-mail once the product price reach your desired price.

In case you thought twice and you choosed to buy it before receive the alert, you will be able to disable it from the game price comparison page, clicking on “Cancel alert”.


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