Battlefield Hardline Review

Simply put, Battlefield hardline is full of great many twist and turn than its predecessor. In the single player campaign the protagonist is a straight arrow cop making an attempt to get to those who framed him with the intention to redeem his name. The 7 hours campaign features a new – kind of unrealistic, twist in comparison to most FPS video games. The bad guys actually respect the badge, as if you have put a holy cross on the face of a vampire. If you sneak up to the thugs and shout out “Freeze” they simply surrender, even though they have automatic guns and bulletproof vest, outnumbering the hero three to one. However if you fail to sight the thugs, rest assure to be on the wrong side of blazing guns, as they become the most lethal AI in the series. There is no somewhere in the middle. However when you capture the thug alive they are worth more XP than they are dead. The intelligent level design helps to aid stealth which required patience and precision just as well as shoot to kill action. You can tag enemies, explosives, and alarm system before getting into battle, which shows up in the radar. This helps to create tactics before get in on the action.


Battlefield franchise is famous for its ultra-realistic, surreal weaponry system. The gun fire and explosion happens at 60 frame per second which is not much for the game of this caliber. This trade-off is not great as the hd resolution for Xbox is only 720p and that of PlayStation4 is just 900p. My main complaint among others, is that the reward system is not very appropriate to the style of play. The stealth unlocks a lot of guns that are too damn noisy which is not what a stealth player wants on the other hand if you love to shoot all the time than you won’t be  getting good guns early.

The other aspect of the game is the story-line. At a glance it is the same clichéd story line of someone higher up being the part of the drug trafficking ring and wrongly accusing the hero and the hero trying to redeem his name. But as I played on, the development of the characters was so strong that I felt the need to play on just to know what will happen to them. The skillfully written script and life like voice over mixed with great animation work makes the story enjoyable. It is also accompanied by a good mix up of intelligent and sharp jokes.

Talking about the multiplayer mode the game take a turn to the good. First of all, the map design is fantastic. I think they put a lot of time into each of these maps. It’s clear that there’s a lot of planning on how to get to objectives, the layout of the maps and how it was going to affect the game play in various game modes. All in all the map design surpass its predecessor by a great length. My personal favorite map is the bank job map that offers a lot of elements to the urban fighting scenario. I get to be involved in roof, street and subterranean combat which goes well with the play.


Older releases of the battlefield series were swamped with connectivity issues and server failure. But for “hardline” this issue seems to have be resolved. As of launch, of the multiplayer game mode of battlefield hardline there has been no issues regarding server connection or communication with the fellow players.


Battlefield hardline has impressively managed to please casual gamer as well as the die-hard fan if the series. The twist and turns presented by the game have made most of the player, including myself, happy. All in all its campaign is great in both stealth and shoot to kill action, and its plot line is mixed up with interesting character development and sparse yet punctual humor. The large-scale multiplayer combat tactics in the series is known for is superior to its predecessors, the speedy new Hotwire and round-based 5v5 modes provide both speed and thrills changing the game play every time and making the game worthy to play.

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