Nintendo switch, a cheap alternative?

Nintendo Switch is going to arrive at the market on March 3, but you can pre-order it right now. The launching market price of the machine is going to be 329.99 Euros. Is it a cheap alternative? Nintendo has boarded the 8th generation of consoles in the wrong way, with a platform that, as time goes by, it’s starting to fade away into oblivion.

Unlike the Wii, Wii U has been a real failure, unable to get the awaited success from the big N. The Japanese company needed to offer something different to their potential customers, something that should be up to their expectations. And so it seems, that this time Miyamoto people have found the correct approach. Its new creation, called Switch, was able to bring together two concepts that at the time seem inconceivable: domestic and portable. The success on the market is yet to be seen, but this time looks like it has better odds. There’s another important thing…Is it going to be cheap?

For the time being, it has a discount price which you can see on Amazon.


A cheap alternative?

Before we can answer this question, we need to think. For sure Nintendo also did some thinking themselves. It is a sure thing that if the Japanese company wants to be successful this time the new console has to have a competitive price. If they are not capable of the users to get an affordable Nintendo Switch the least, they can do is to give it a really attractive price. It’s no secret that it arrived late to the party, regarding their rivals, Xbox One, Xbox One S, PS4 and PS4 Pro. One of two things has to happen, either it gets a super big launching campaign, or it takes the market heads on with a really affordable price.

Nonetheless, there is an impending truth, Nintendo has to recover from 2 strikes to the wallet, and the 2 already developed investments. First, we have the Wii U, and on the right around the corner, there’s the Nintendo Switch. So, it is going to be complicated to get a cheap Nintendo Switch right upon release, adding to it, the Nintendo Switch is more powerful and versatile than the Wii U, thus, more expensive. And let’s just not talk about how dark the future would be for the Wii U if the Nintendo Switch were to be cheaper.

Nintendo bets on a Hybrid

It is widely known that Nintendo tends to give in for playability over brute power. Switch it’s not the exception to the rule. Beyond purely technical data, the new Nintendo console went all in on playability. This fact transforms Switch in a different platform that is going to be supported by the development of exclusive video games.

Nintendo didn’t limit itself from investing in an internal structure of amazing benefits. The big N. has spent on an elaboration of a moldable platform. It is a console and a portable, it’s a symbiotic relationship on a case. In fact, that is one of the answers to why it won’t be able to be cheap. Unity costs.

In concrete, Nintendo Switch it’s a portable console. A kind of tablet which physical controllers attach to the side-screen through rails. But it can also work as a regular table console. For that, you have to de-attach the two controllers from both sides of the screen, then insert the screen into a module that serves as a link between console and television. We have a full list of the components of the Nintendo Switch below:

Nintendo Switch: It’s a portable console. A screen containing the main CPU.

Nintendo Switch Dock: It’s the module that doubles as a base and link to the television for the Nintendo Switch.

Joy-Con: The controllers of the Nintendo Switch.  One for the right hand and one for the left side, which attach to the console via two rails on both sides of the screen.

Joy-Con Grip: Gadget that unites and transforms the two controllers of the Nintendo Switch into one traditional pad.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: It’s the controller for the console when it is linked to the television.


Nintendo Switch Adapts to the player

The main difference that exists between traditional platforms and Nintendo Switch is the handy feature it offers. Nintendo’s console not only centers around traditional playability, but it also goes beyond it. On the one hand, the more traditional people have the option to play it on a console, at home, in front of the TV. Meanwhile, some of the more active players, have the chance to go away from home but still be playing their game, with this, they can still continue without it being inconvenient for the user.

There’s more. Switch allows the possibility of playing with your friend, even away from home, using the console as the screen. De-attaching the controllers from both sides, it’s enough to play multiplayer games with one or more friends. Yes, we said one or more friends. Up to 8, Nintendo Switch consoles can be connected to one another. So, in that way, many friends in the same room can play at the same time.

In essence, Nintendo Switch also picks up the best from the Wii (R.I.P.), and it’s Wii Remote. The new Nintendo Machine captures movements with the Joy-con controllers on a tridimensional plane. Nintendo doesn’t drop from the race up against Kinect and the PS4 camera.Video games are always the important part  

The important thing it’s not the get a cheap Nintendo Switch, but one that’s up to the expectations. What makes a good console it’s not so much its platform, but its games. Fortunately for Nintendo, many developers have already confirmed its support towards the Nintendo Switch. On the other hand, Nintendo itself assures the steady release of exclusive titles for its new platform. Whether you get a cheap, or not so much, Nintendo Switch, it’s going to enjoy a large variety of games upon its release. We already published an article about some of the confirmed titles.

Nintendo Switch will soon arrive at the market on March 3, but you can already pre-order it. Official release price is 329.99 Euros. Why do we say, official? You ask, well, it’s because in several shops in our country is being offered for an inferior price (319 Euros). Not only is this happening in Spain, but it can also be seen in many other European countries that the Nintendo Switch it’s being sold at 315 Euros. Meanwhile, in the United States of America, it’s being offered cheaper than it is in Europe, the price is $299.99 USD if you get it from retailers, such as Amazon or Best buy, including which is showcasing this same price.

Is the Nintendo Switch cheap? It’s not cheap, we can recall the prices of other consoles such as the Xbox One S 1TB which is 300 Euros, The Ps4 can be found for 284 €. There are also attractive package deals for low prices, such as the Microsoft Pack, which contains an Xbox One S (500 GB) + FIFA 17, for 269.99 Euros. Keeping the fluctuations on the market and the variations on the price, we assume the Nintendo Switch will circle around 300 Euros. We hope Nintendo notices.

Here you can see it on Amazon, with a small discount for the moment being, we assume it will going up as weeks go by.

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