Nintendo switch, a cheap alternative?

Nintendo Switch is going to arrive at the market on March 3, but you can pre-order it right now. The launching market price of the machine is going to be 329.99 Euros. Is it a cheap alternative? Nintendo has boarded the 8th generation of consoles in the wrong way, with a platform that, as time goes by, it’s starting to fade away into oblivion.

Unlike the Wii, Wii U has been a real failure, unable to get the awaited success from the big N. The Japanese company needed to offer something different to their potential customers, something that should be up to their expectations. And so it seems, that this time Miyamoto people have found the correct approach. Its new creation, called Switch, was able to bring together two concepts that at the time seem inconceivable: domestic and portable. The success on the market is yet to be seen, but this time looks like it has better odds. There’s another important thing…Is it going to be cheap?

For the time being, it has a discount price which you can see on Amazon. Read more